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RFID takes identification one step further!

We specialize in RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology to track assets. Tracking assets, whether internally or externally, is vital to a company’s inventory control, asset tracking, works-in-progress, supply chain management, and delivery process. Assets can be anything from returnable totes, pallets, or containers, to WIP, to your entire inventory, and more.

RFID tags can be customized to an organization’s requirements, but they can be used to uniquely serialize any individual item –  not only do you know what TYPE of item you have, but also WHICH one of that item you have too.



RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. It is the spiritual successor to the barcode. RFID uses electromagnetic fields (radio waves) to automatically transmit electronically stored information on an integrated circuit (chip) to an RFID scanner or reader. The reader then converts the information into a more usable form, and sends it to a host system, which displays the information in real-time or stores the information in a database for later analysis.


RFID gives us the ability to track any individual item, leading to more granular and detailed reporting, allowing you to make clearer critical business decisions. For example, RFID technology can be used for asset tracking, such as returnable totes and racks used to ship products in many industries.  An RFID tag attached to each tote and rack can automatically record when, where, and to what customer each asset was sent to, ensuring that each tote or rack is returned in a timely manner for the next round of shipments.


RFID is used in almost every industry, including manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, retail, security, information technology, and agriculture.  Given the broad range of applications, the best way to determine if RFID can help is by letting Label Logic assist in identifying your problem areas and creating a customized solution for your organization. Label Logic will help you discover increased efficiencies and reduce stress.

Every RFID project contains three parts – Endpoints (tags), Hardware (Readers), and Software (to connect the readers to a host system and process the tag data). We have the ability to insert, print, and encode RFID tags and labels in-house! We also provide full custom RFID technology solutions – including hardware such as RFID readers and scanners and the software to read the tags! We can provide every step of the RFID integration process, from designing and building, to testing and implementation, all in-house!

Whether you’re in the automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, or retail business, we can help streamline your processes to help your team reclaim valuable time. With our help, we can create an RFID process that ensures that your assets are effectively managed each step of the way. The cost associated with RFID tagging of inventory is minimal, as it ensures complete end-to-end tracking of both high-ticket items, as well as lower cost items which can be tracked in bulk via shipping totes (for example).  The range of RFID tags varies depending on the type of system you employ.  Range varies from 3 feet to 37 feet while the latest generation of RFID tags can be read from over 45 feet away!

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